Art Wanted to Buy and Sell

    One of the most important aspects for collecting, investing, or even trading in Art, is having access to the most appropriate buyers and sellers, when you are wanting to enter the market place.

    Look Art Consulting operates in a number of ways, but mainly we either, Buy 0utrightsell on Consignment or  Source a particular artist's work for buyers.

    Here are 48 of the top selling artists in the current Australian market and whose works which Look Art regularly deals with.

    Brett Whiteley Jeffrey Smart John Brack
    Sidney Nolan Arthur Boyd Russell Drysdale
    Charles Blackman Lloyd Rees Albert Tucker
    Arthur Streeton Bill Henson Norman Lindsay
    Rupert Bunny Hans Heysen David Boyd
    Albert Namatjira Pro Hart Clifford Possum
    Emmanuel P Fox Rover Thomas
    Ray Crooke
    Rosalie Gascoigne John Olsen
    Sali Herman
    Robert Dickerson
    Peter Booth James Gleeson
    Frederick McCubbin
    Sydney Long Tim Maguire
    Margaret Preston Gary Shead Robert Juniper
    Fred Williams
    Justin O'Brien John Perceval
    Margaret Olley
    Lin Onus Tim Storrier
    Roland Wakelin
    John Kelly Rick Amor
    William Robinson Donald Friend Elioth Gruner
    Grace Cossington
    John Coburn Howard Arkley

    This list only represents some of the many artists whose work Look Art Consulting deals with. Contact Paul Auckett paul@lookart.net, for help researchig specific artists for you.