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Robert Klippel

vOpus 807, 1988
202 x 44 x 44cm Painted wood

Song Ling

Untitled, 2006
152 x 121.5cm acrylic on canvas

Martin Sharp

SEX (King Kong), 1967
72 x 50cm offset lithograph in black, blue and pink over a silver metallic heavy base and laminated paper,

(MEGGS) David Hooke

No Cartoons Before School #18, 2007
101 x 101cm Aerosol and Acrylic on Canvas

Mirka Mora

Untitled, 1961
71 x 91cm Ink Wash and Pencil on Paper

George Baldessin

Pears (Yellow Version), 1972
50.5 x 60.5cm Colour etching and aquatint

Arthur Boyd

Lovers in a Boat, c.1994
30 x 37.5cm oil on board

Bill Henson

New Artwork, 2005-2006
104 x 154cm Framed: 130 x 180cm Type C Photograph

Garry Shead

Italy, 2008
53 x 74cm oil on board

Tom Gerrard

Sunshine 1957 5pm, 2020
123 x 154cm Framed: 130 x 160cm Acrylic and ink on marine ply

Michael Peck

New Recruit #10, 2012
198 x 198cm Oil on Belgian linen

Wayne Eager

Claypan, 2017
199 x 182cm Synthetic polymer paint on Belgian linen

Peter O’ Doherty

Towards the Sea, 2000
40.5 x 91cm oil on canvas

Tom Gerrard

Heads, 2019
90 x 80cm Oil and spray paint on board

Mark Whalen

All Tied Up
86 x 64cm Synthetic polymer paint, oil and enamel on board (wall relief)

Norman Lindsay

36.5 x 17cm Framed: 56 x 34 x 3cm Pencil (AF)

Sidney Nolan

Moon and Landscape; Head (2)
29.5 x 23.5cm Framed: 86 x 91 x 4cm Crayon and ripolin on paper

Sidney Nolan

Still Life with Butterfly; Bird and Sun
28.5 x 23cm Crayon and ripolin on paper

Reg Mombassa (Aka Chris O' Doherty)

Night-time at Arkaba Station, 2008
28.5 x 42cm charcoal on paper

Tim Johnson

Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, 2002
152.5 x 122cm Synthetic polymer on canvas


Very Little Helps, 2008
50.6 x 37.4cm Framed: 70 x 57cm Colour screenprint

Peter Booth

Man in Red Coat, 2008, 2008
127 x 239cm oil on canvas Sold

Arthur Boyd

Poet Rejecting his Muse, 1993
25.1 x 20.1cm Framed: 50 x 40cm etching

David Larwill

Still Life
68.5 x 60.5cm Framed: 80 x 70cm Colour screenprint on paper, editioned.

Reg Mombassa (Aka Chris O' Doherty)

Fire and Water
38 x 55cm Plate lithograph printed in 5 colours from 5 plates Sold

Brett Whiteley

Lavender Bay in the Rain, 1987
100.5 x 74.5cm screen print

Sidney Nolan

Untitled (Bird and Branch) c.1982, circa 1982
74.5 x 59.5cm Framed: 100 x 80cm Mixed media on paper

George Baldessin

Portrait I, 1966, 1966
24 x 20 cm Etching and aquatint

George Baldessin

Last Banquet
63.5 x 80cm Etching and aquatint in colour

George Baldessin

Striped Costume or the Parlour any Evening
30 x 22 cm Etching and aquatint

Arthur Boyd

30 x 22 cm oil on board

John Perceval

16.5 x 22.5 cm Framed: 38 x 43 cm oil on canvas