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Adam Cullen

Why We Live in Groups, 2004
183 x 183 cm acrylic on canvas

Dean Brown

Japanese Student II, 2018
93.5 x 63cm oil on board

Sydney Ball

Canto (no. XV, XVI)
56 x 76cm Framed: 57 x 49cm Screenprint on paper

Sydney Ball

Canto (no. XIX, XVII, XVIII)
49 x 57cm Framed: 58 x 77cm Screenprint on paper

Sydney Ball

Canto (no. XIII, VIII, XII, IX, XI)
69 x 69cm Framed: 77 x 77cm Screenprint on paper

John Olsen

Self Portrait in Dog Landscape, 1993
122 x 152cm oil on board

John Olsen

Nude and Bathroom Scene, 1997
21 x 30 cm Ink and mixed media on paper

John Olsen

Desert and Orange Chats, 1993
95.5 x 99.5cm archival pigment print

Glenn Morgan

Gary Ablett Kicking His 100th Goal in 1993, 1994
44 x 94 x 19cm Mixed media diorama

Frank Malerba

The Flute Player, 2010
37 x 69 x 24cm laser cut steel sculpture

Dean Brown

No place to fail, 2014
83 x 70cm oil on aluminium

Dean Brown

Crown St midday no. III, 2011
60 x 40cm oil on board

Dean Brown

Crazy Reunion, 2018
84 x 70cm Framed: 86.5 x 73.5cm oil on board

Callum Morton

Eames Depot, Nevada, 2001
59.5 x 83.5cm Framed: 91 x 114cm archival pigment print

Jeff Raglus

Ever Onwards, 2011
92 x 102 cm acrylic on linen

Jane Curtis

Paris By Night, 2106
29.5 x 21cm watercolour

Dean Brown

If You’re Feeling Lost You’ll End Up Found, 2015
70 x 60cm oil on board

Adam Cullen

Large Pigman 2011, 2011
75 x 65 x 30 cm Cast bronze

Jasper Knight

Hornby Lighthouse, 2010
102 x 75 cm enamel on aluminium

Dean Brown

Selfie Stick, 2015
52.5 x 46.5cm oil on board

Dean Brown

Australia Day, 2014
49 x 49cm etching

Marie Mansfield

The Dealer, 2014
122 x 91 cm Oil

John Firth-Smith

Flying Time, 1981
57 x 93cm acrylic on paper

Rosalie Gascoigne

Blue Water, 1977
21 x 56 x 12 cm Wood, ceramic, rubber, iron, printed tin and nails

Kathryn Ryan

Seed Pod + Shadow #1, 2013
58 x 52cm charcoal on paper

Adam Cullen

Boar Head, 2011
16 x 11 x 22 cm Cast bronze

Reg Mombassa (aka Chris O' Doherty)

Brown Armchair, 2015
20 x 25 cm oil on board