David Boyd

David Boyd

  • Biography

    1924 David Boyd was born in Murrumbeena, Melbourne. Third and youngest son of artists Merric and Doris Boyd. Studied pottery and painting within the family circle and also the piano. Entered the Melba Memorial Conservatorium of Music at 17
    1942 Joined Contempory Art Society of Australia. Conscripted into Australian Army
    1944-46 Studied at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music and the National Gallery School on an ex-serviceman's grant. First exhibition of paintings with John Yule at the Rowden White Library, University of Melbourne. In partnership with brother Guy Boyd founded Martin Boyd pottery in Sydney
    1947 Painting expedition in New Caledonia with author Hugh Atkinson
    1948-49 Married Hermia Lloyd-Jones, younger daughter of graphic artist Herman (Jonah) and Erica Lloyd-Jones. Began pottery career with Hermia. First exhibition of pottery in Sydney
    1950-55 Established pottery studios in London and in the South of France joined for a time by ceramist and painter Stanislaw Halpern. Travelled widely throughout Spain. Returned to Australia
    1956 David and Hermia Boyd became widely known as leading Australian potters. Introduced new techniques in glazing and the use of the potters wheel in shaping sculptural figures. Greatly influenced local potters in particular Tom Sanders and John Perceval. Major exhibition of ceramic tiles and sculptures at the Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
    1957-58 Commenced painting 'The Explorer' series, exhibited at the Australian Galleries, Melbourne, and Clune Galleries, Sydney
    1959 Started a series of paintings based upon the extinction of the full blood Tasmanian Aboriginal in the nineteenth century. Took part in issuing the Antipodean manifesto with Blackman, Arthur Boyd, Brack, Dickerson, Perceval, Pugh and B. Smith defending the figurative image in contemporary painting in a joint exhibition in Melbourne. Exhibited 'The Explorers and The Tasmanians' in Adelaide
    1960 Commenced a series of paintings on the theme of 'Law and Justice, The Trial series'. Elected President of the Contemporary Art Society (Victorian branch), Councillor of the Museum of Modern Art of Australia
    1961 First prize Italian Art Scholarship for Australia. Chairman of the Federal Council of the Contemporary Art Society of Australia
    1962 Lived in Rome, continuing 'The Trial' series, before returning to England. Settled in London
    1963 First one-man exhibitions in London and Paris of 'The Trial' paintings
    1964 Revisited Spain and painted 'Church and State' series based upon this visit
    1965 One-man exhibitions in London and in Australia of 'Church and State'
    1966 Discovered method of using candle flame to create images and named the technique Sfumato, a word used by Leonardo da Vinci to describe graduations of a misty tone in painting (although there is no evidence that Leonardo used a candle flame to achieve this effect)
    1967-69 Exhibited Sfumato paintings in London and in Australia, including Newcastle, New South Wales. Revisited Australia. Exhibited late Sfumato and 'Limbo' paintings in Adelaide, South Australia. 'War Games' in Sydney, NSW. Visited Boyd Town at Twofold Bay, south coast of New South Wales. Commenced a series of paintings, 'The Wanderer', inspired by the life of Benjamin Boyd, an Australian adventurer of the 1840s. Retrospective exhibition of loaned works from various collections in Australia and Britain at Commonwealth Institute Art Gallery, London, Edinburgh and Sheffield
    1970 Settled in south of France. First exhibition of Wanderer series at Adelaide Festival of Arts, South Australia. Next at von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle
    1971 Exhibited 'The Wanderer' series in separate sections in three concurrent London exhibitions. Started a series based on mythological 'Orchard of Heaven', first exhibitied in Brisbane, Queensland. Visited Australia
    1972 Developed theme of 'The Orchard' and exhibited series entitled 'The Garden in the Wilderness' in Newcastle, New South Wales. Commenced the 'Exiles' series which formed the latest inclusion in the exhibition. Returned to France. Developed the theme, 'The Exiles'
    1973 Exhibited 'The Exiles' series in London and in Melbourne, Victoria
    1974 Retrospective exhibition at Skinner Galleries, Perth, Festival of Arts
    1975 Returned to Australia. Retrospective exhibition at von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle, NSW
    1976 Retrospective exhibition at Bonython Gallery, Sydney
    1977 Commenced series 'The Private View'
    1978 Developed theme of 'The Private View'
    1979-82 Major retrospective exhibition, Albert Hall, Canberra. Painted a series of works entitled 'The Day of the Picnic'
    1983 'Retrospecitive Exhibition 1957-82', a series of seven exhibitions, Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
    1985 Exhibition 'Four Seasons', Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
    1986 Exhibited 'A Judge in the Landscape' series, Hong Kong; Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney; von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle
    1987 Exhibition 'Requiem for the Birth of a Nation', Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
    1988 Exhibition 'Antipodean Second Chapter', Lauraine Diggins Fine Arts, Melbourne; Lanyon Gallery, Canberra
    1989 S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney, 'Antipodean Second Chapter'
    1990 Dedicated to Merric and Doris Boyd, Wagner Art Gallery, Sydney
    1991-92 'The Clown in the Tree' series
    1992 Survey retrospective exhibitions Wagner Gallery, Sydney; Caulfield Art Complex, Melbourne; Macquarie University, Sydney; Beaver Galleries, Sydney, Canberra
    1993-94 'Metaphors of Trial' series, von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle
    1995 'The Legend of Europa and the Cockatoos', Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Sydney
    1996 'Europa in Australia', von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle
    1996-97 'Driftwood' and the 'Hierarchy' series, von Bertouch Galleries; Wagner Gallery, Sydney
    1998 Music and the Angels, Galeria Aniela, Kangaroo Valley
    1999 Survey retrospective, von Bertouch Galleries, Newcastle
    2001 Reconciliation, Eva Breuer Art Dealer, Sydney, NSW

    Appointments and Awards

    1960 President of the Contemporary Art Society (Victorian branch)
    1960 Elected Councillor of the Museum of Modern Art of Australia
    1961 First Prize Italian Art Scholarship for Australian Chairman of the Federal Council of the Contemporary Art Society of Australia.
    1993-96 Artist in residence School of Law, Macquarie University, NSW
    1998 MEMBRO ALBO DORO DEL SENATO ACCADEMICO - International Academy of Modern Art, Rome, Italy

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David Boyd

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