Garry Shead

Garry Shead

  • Biography

    Born in 1942, Garry Shead is an Australian painter, printmaker, filmmaker and ceramic artist. Trained at the National Art School, Sydney Shead started in media and editing for the ABC. Since the 60's Shead has exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide and has participated in the acclaimed Archibald, Wynne, Sulman and Moran Prizes at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. In 1967, Shead was awarded the Young Contemporaries Prize from the Central Art School in Sydney and won the Archibald Prize in 1993. In 1973 he then achieved the Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris through the Power Institute. He was artist in residence at Karolyi Foundation Studio in Venice through the Victorian Arts Board in 1982 and has completed residencies with the Indigenous artists of Lockhart River. Shead’s work is held by the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide and several regional galleries. Several monographs on his work have been published including ‘The DH Lawrence Paintings’ 1993, and ‘Garry Shead and the Erotic Muse’ 2001.

  • Awards

    2004 Dobell Prize for Drawing (Winner), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 1993 Archibald Prize (Winner), Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
    1986 Mahlab Art Prize (Winner), New South Wales Law Society, Sydney
    1967 Young Contemporaries Prize (Winner), Blaxland Gallery, Sydney

  • Exhibitions

    2016 ‘The Divine Comedy’, Australian Galleries, Sydney
    2014 ‘The Antipodean Divine Comedy’, Australian Galleries, Roylston Street, Sydney
    2013 ‘The Muse of Mount Pleasant’, Greenaway Galleries, Adelaide
    2012 ‘A Personal Diary’ (works on paper), Maitland Regional Art Gallery, Maitland, NSW 2011 ‘Love on Mount Pleasant, Garry Shead Toasts Maurice O’Shea’, Philip Bacon Galleries,
    2010 ‘Love on Mount Pleasant, Garry Shead Toasts Maurice O’Shea’, Australian Galleries,
    Roylston Street, Sydney
    ‘Garry Shead Exhibition’ Solander Galleries, Canberra
    ‘Love on Mount Pleasant, Garry Shead Toasts Maurice O’Shea’ Maitland Regional Art
    Gallery, Maitland, NSW
    2009 ‘Precursive Paintings’, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
    ‘Love on Mount Pleasant, Garry Shead Toasts Maurice O’Shea’ Orange Regional
    Gallery, Orange, NSW
    2006 ‘The Apotheosis of Ern Malley’, Phillip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
    2005 ‘Apotheosis of Ern Malley’, Australian Galleries, Melbourne
    2004 ‘Apotheosis of Ern Malley’, Hazlehurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Sydney
    15 October 2018
    2003 ‘Ern Malley Series’, Bathurst Regional Gallery – ceramic urns in collaboration with Lino Alvarez, Bathurst, NSW
    ‘The Apotheosis of Ern Malley’, Australian Galleries, Sydney
    ‘The Apotheosis of Ern Malley’, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide 2001 ‘Recent Paintings’, Australian Galleries, Melbourne
    ‘The Painters Progress’, Savill Galleries, Sydney 2000 ‘Artist and the Muse’, Australian Galleries, Sydney
    ‘Artist and the Muse’, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide 1999 ‘Artist and the Muse’, Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane 1997 Seywald Gallery , Salzburg, Austria
    ‘Dance’, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
    ‘The Royal Suite’, Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney 1996 ‘The Royal Suite’, Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
    Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne
    1995 ‘The Royal Suite’, Greenaway Art Gallery, Adelaide
    Solander Gallery, Canberra
    Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney 1994 Dover Street Gallery, London
    ‘The Kangaroo Suite’, Studio One Print Workshop Gallery, Canberra 1993 Greenaway Art Gallery , Adelaide
    Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne
    Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane
    ‘D.H. Lawrence Series’, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
    1992 ‘Kangaroo: D. H. Lawrence at Thirroul’, Solander Gallery, Canberra Wollongong City Gallery, Wollongong, NSW
    ‘D. H. Lawrence Series’, Michael Nagy Fine Art, Sydney 1991 ‘Bundeena Series’, Solander Gallery , Canberra
    ‘Outback Paintings’, Philip Bacon Galleries, Brisbane 1990 BMG Galleries, Adelaide
    1989 ‘Garry Shead: Metamorphosis’, Greenhill Galleries, Perth
    1988 ‘Outback Ballad and Recent Paintings’, William Mora Galleries, Melbourne
    ‘Survey 1966-76 and Recent Paintings’, Artmet, Sydney
    1987 ‘Garry Shead: Recent Paintings’, ‘Outback Series’, Solander Gallery, Canberra 1985 Gary Anderson Gallery, Sydney
    1984 ‘Prints’, survey exhibition of Shead’s printmaking, The Print Source, Sydney 1983 ‘Recent Paintings’, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney
    1981 ‘Waters of Transfiguration and Other Paintings’, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney
    ‘Garry Shead: Paintings and Drawings from France’, Hogarth Galleries, Sydney 1980 ‘Paintings and Watercolours’, Stairs Gallery, Wollongong, NSW
    1978 Abraxas Gallery , Canberra
    1976 ‘Paintings and Drawings’, Abraxas Gallery , Canberra
    ‘The Graal Paintings’, Hogarth Gallery, Sydney ‘Drawings’, Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane
    ‘Baptism Series’, Jura Art Gallery, Coffs Harbour, NSW
    1975 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney Watters Gallery, Sydney
    Abraxas Gallery, Canberra
    1974 ‘What are the Wild Waves Saying?’, Watters Gallery, Sydney 1973 ‘Paintings 1962-73’ Watters Gallery, Sydney
    1969 ‘Birallee Landscape’, Watters Gallery, Sydney
    15 October 2018
    1968 ‘Oh what a beaut view and Other Paintings’, Watters Gallery, Sydney 1967 ‘Wanda and Lane Cove Series’, Watters Gallery, Sydney
    1966 ‘Wahroonga Lady in Her Naked Lunch’, Watters Gallery, Sydney
    ‘Paintings of Maurice O’Shea’, Watters Gallery, Sydney

    ABC South East NSW; In the Steps of Lawrence, Sydney 2014
    ABC South East NSW; Garry Shead’s Murrah Fresco, Bega, NSW 2013
    Adamson, Robert; Cross the Border, Prism Books, Sydney, 1977
    Bonython, Kym; Modern Australian Painting 1950-75, Rigby, Adelaide, 1980
    Bonython, Kym; Modern Australian Painting 1970-75, Rigby, Adelaide, 1975
    Bonython, Kym; Modern Australian Painting 1975-80, Rigby, Adelaide, 1980
    Catalano, Gary; What Are the Wild Waves Saying?, Watters Gallery, Sydney, 1974
    Catalano, Gary; Years of Hope: Australian Art and Art Criticism 1959-1968, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1980
    Catalano, Gary; Building a Picture: Interviews with Australian Artists, McGraw-Hill, Sydney, 1997 Grishin, Sasha; Garry Shead and the Erotic Muse, Craftsman House, 2001
    Grishin, Sasha; Garry Shead: The D.H. Lawrence Paintings, Craftsman House, Sydney, 1993
    Horton, Mervyn; Present Day Art in Australia, Ure Smith, Sydney 1969
    Horton, Mervyn; Australian Painters of the Seventies, Ure Smith, Sydney 1975, 15 October 2018
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    Smith, Bernard; Australian Painting 1788-1970, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1971
    The Experimental Films of Garry Shead, Sydney, 2011

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  • Garry Shead

    The League
    24.5 x 32 cm Etching and aquatint