Buying through Auction

All too often inexperienced buyers purchase on impulse or pay too much in the heat of the moment and then with hindsight, later regret their decision.

The Auction Bidding Service has been specifically introduced for clients developing their collections and includes:

  • Independent Condition Reports

  • State of the Market Reports

  • Provenance

  • Bidding strategies at auction

  • Art Auction Sales Research

There is a 5% consulting fee on the hammer price but only if the item is purchased.

Bidding Advocate

An Art Auction Advocate brings experience and understanding of the auction system to avoid many dangers of bidding at auction.

Bids are executed on behalf of clients to ensure every lot is acquired at the best possible price.

Having an extensive knowledge of the market means knowing how much to bid, so as to secure an art asset which represents value.

Bidding Strategies are often developed by gauging the level of interest there is in a piece.

As Look Art Consulting maintains absolute confidentiality and discretion, this can prevent the price being pushed due to a client’s perceived financial standing.

One of the main reasons collectors and investors use a Bidding Service is to maintain their anonymity.