George Baldessin

George Baldessin

  • Artist’s Statement

    “What am I trying to express? – I think human weakness through the vulnerable figure without extracting its dignity no matter how uncertain… this is why distortion and the element of drama [are] ever present” – George Baldessin
    Printmaker and sculptor George Baldessin was born in North Italy, before moving to Australia with his family in 1949. He studied at RMIT from 1958 to 1961 and later at the Chelsea School of Art in London in 1962. He continued further study at the Brera Academy of Fine Art Milan from 1962 – 63.

    His surrealist inspired works frequently incorporated silver and gold leaf. During the 1970’s Baldessin worked in a studio in the Olderfleet building on Collins St in Melbourne with fellow artists Tate Adams, Les Kossatz, Andrew Sibley, Roger Kemp, Fred Williams and Jan Senbergs.

    Baldessin held his first solo exhibition at the Argus Gallery on the fourth floor of the old Argus newspaper building in Elizabeth Street in 1964 and completed the now iconic pears sculpture installation outside the National Gallery of Australia before his death in 1978. Memorial exhibitions were held at Realities Gallery and the National Gallery of Victoria, the later of which toured several state galleries.

    The Heide museum held a retrospective of Baldessin’s drawings in 1991 and the Art Gallery of New South Wales featured him as a focus artist in 1999. During his life Baldessin was awarded the Alcorso Sekers Travelling Scholarship for sculpture in 1966, the Maitland Prize for prints in 1967 and 1970, prizes at the Ljubljana Biennale of Printmaking in 1967 and the Second International Biennale of Drawing in Yugoslavia in 1970. He won the Geelong Print Prize in 1970 and the Comalco Invitation Award for sculpture in 1971.

    A studio and print workshop was founded at Baldessin’s studio in St Andrews, Victoria and in 1998 a Baldessin Foundation Travelling Scholarship was established for travelling sculptors.

    Baldessin’s work is held in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; all state galleries and regional galleries including Ballarat, Geelong, Mildura, Mornington, Sale, Warrnambool, Newcastle, Fremantle, Launceston and University collections including Melbourne University, Monash, Hobart and internationally at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2009 Australian Galleries published George Baldessin: Paradox and Persuasion, a monograph on the artist’s work.

  • Biography

    Born 1939, San Biaggio di Callalta, Italy
    1949 Emigrated to Australia
    1958-61 Diploma Fine Arts (painting), RMIT
    1962 Studies in printmaking, Chelsea Art School, London
    1963 Further studies, Brera Academy, Milan
    1964 Part-time lecturer, RMIT
    1965-66 Full-time lecturer, RMIT
    Alcorso-Sekers Travelling Scholarship for Sculpture (went to Japan) 1967 Winner: Maitland Print Prize
    1970 Winner: Second International Biennale for Dra wing, Y ugosla via Winner: Geelong Print Prize
    Shared winner: Shepparton Print Prize (with Jan Senbergs)
    1971 Comalco Invitation Award for Sculpture
    1973 Ballarat Gallery Prize
    La Trobe Valley Ronald Award
    1975 Represented Australia at Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil (with Imants Tillers)
    1976 Worked at Atelier Lacouriere et Freault etching workshop, Paris; Completed MM of
    Rue St Denis drawings in Paris
    1977 Returned to Australia
    1978 Lecturer, RMIT; Died in car accident, aged 39

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  • Exhibitions

    2014 ‘Being Human: The graphic work of George Baldessin’, Heidi Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
    2010 ‘Paintings, sculpture and etchings', Australian Galleries, Derby Street, Melbourne 2009-10 ‘George Baldessin’, TarraWarra Museum of Art, Victoria
    2006 ‘Portraits and Performers’, Australian Galleries Works on Paper, Sydney
    2004 ‘George Baldessin – Prints of Darkness’, Australian Galleries Works on Paper,
    2003 ‘George Baldessin 1939-1978’, La Trobe Regional Gallery
    2001 ‘George Baldessin – drawings, sculpture, etchings’, Australian Galleries Works on
    Paper, Melbourne and Sydney
    2000 ‘George Baldessin – Occasional Images from a City Chamber 1975, Australian
    Collection Focus’, Art Gallery of New South Wales
    1998 ‘George Baldessin Estate Prints 1963 – 1978’, Brisbane
    1997 ‘George Baldessin Estate Prints 1963 – 1978’, Australian Galleries, Melbourne and
    1992 ‘George Baldessin Prints and Drawings’, Sherman Galleries, Sydney
    ‘Etchings Prints 1963 – 1978’, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne
    1991 ‘Drawings and selected sculpture’, Ivan Dougherty Gallery, Sydney
    ‘Exhibition of drawings’, T olarno Galleries, Melbourne
    ‘An exhibition of drawings’, Heide Park and Art Gallery, Melbourne 1987 ‘Selected prints and bronzes’, Powell Street Gallery, Melbourne 1983 ‘George Baldessin Retrospective’, Wollongong City Gallery, NSW
    ‘Etchings’, Stuart Gerstman Galleries, Melbourne
    ‘George Baldessin: Sculpture and etchings – a memorial exhibition’, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
    1978 ‘Personages, remnants and discards’, Bonython Gallery, Adelaide
    27 September 2017
    1977 ‘M M of Rue St Denis’, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane ‘Etchings’, Ray Hughes Gallery, Brisbane
    ‘M M of Rue St Denis’ (drawings), Rudy Komon Art Gallery, Sydney 1974 ‘Etchings’, Rudy Komon Art Gallery, Sydney
    ‘George Baldessin: Complete etchings’, Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre, Victoria
    ‘Etchings’, Festival of Perth, Desborough Galleries, Perth 1972 (Etchings), Crossley Gallery, Melbourne
    ‘Sculpture 1971-72’ Rudy Komon Art Gallery, Sydney 1971 ‘Drawings and sculpture’, Ballarat Art Gallery, Victoria 1970 ‘Etchings’, Gallery One Eleven, Brisbane
    (Etchings), Crossley Gallery, Melbourne
    ‘Sculpture’, Rudy Komon Art Gallery, Sydney
    1967 ‘Exhibition of prints by George Baldessin’, Geelong Art Gallery, Victoria 1965 ‘Drawings, sculpture and etchings’, Rudy Komon Art Gallery, Sydney 1964 ‘Sculpture, etchings and drawings’, Argus Gallery, Melbourne
    2017 ‘Sculpture: medium and small sculpture – Mixed Sculptors’, Australian Galleries, Sydney
    2015 ‘An exhibition of paintings, sculpture & works on paper’, Australian Galleries, Roylston Street, Sydney
    2014 ‘one of each’, Australian Galleries, Derby Street, Melbourne
    ‘Australia Day 2014 Celebratory Exhibition’, Australian Galleries, Derby Street, Melbourne
    2013 ‘Works from the Stock Rooms’, Australian Galleries, Smith Street, Melbourne 2011 ‘large exhibition of small works’, Australian Galleries, Roylston Street, Sydney
    ‘large exhibition of small works’, Australian Galleries, Derby Street, Melbourne 2010 ‘Artists’ Prints made with Integrity I’, Australian Galleries, Smith Street, Melbourne 2008 ‘Summer Stock Show’, Australian Galleries Smith Street, Melbourne
    2007 ‘Summer Stock Show’, Australian Galleries Painting and Sculpture, Melbourne
    ‘Summer Stock Show’, Australian Galleries Works on Paper, Sydney
    ‘European sensibilities: Baldessin and his circle’, Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum, Castlemaine
    ‘The story of Australian Printmaking; 1801-2005’, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
    2006 ‘50th Anniversary Exhibition’, 5th June, Australian Galleries, Melbourne
    ‘Fine Australian Prints and Drawings’, Australian Galleries Works on Paper, Melbourne
    2005 ‘A selection of works on paper’, Australian Galleries Works on Paper, Melbourne 2003 ‘Pen to Pixel: 200 years of Australian Prints & Drawings’, NGV Australia, Ian Potter
    Centre, Melbourne
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    Gallery of Western Australia and touring
    1975-76 ‘Australian Graphics 1974’, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney
    (organised VAB touring South America 1975)

Showing all 11 artworks

  • George Baldessin

    Two Aspects of Mm, 1977
    90 x 60 cm Etching and aquatint on paper
  • George Baldessin

    Personage, Windows and Books, 1974
    74.5 x 50 cm Etching on paper
  • George Baldessin

    Personage and Blinds, 1973
    45.5 x 49 cm Etching and aquatint on paper
  • George Baldessin

    The Bather, 1978
    57 x 57 cm lithograph
  • George Baldessin

    Figure in Enclosure, 1964
    Height: 43 cm Bronze
  • George Baldessin

    Untitled (9), 1965
    27 x 18 cm Framed: 51 x 42 cm Etching and aquatint on paper
  • George Baldessin

    Neighbours, 1964
    24 x 31 cm Framed: 39 x 49 cm Etching and aquatint on paper
  • George Baldessin

    Untitled, 1964
    21 x 31 cm Framed: 39 x 49 cm Etching and aquatint on paper
  • George Baldessin

    Performer, 1968
    37.5 x 50 cm Colour etching and aquatint on paper Sold
  • George Baldessin

    Personage and Entrances, 1974
    121 x 125 cm Etching and aquatint (2 parts)
  • George Baldessin

    Performers, 1974
    60 x 75 cm etching