Luke Cornish (Elk)

Luke Cornish (Elk)


Luke Cornish’s aptitude towards creativity was inherent from an early age. Originally from Canberra, and now living and working in Sydney, Cornish is known in the urban art world by his moniker, ELK.
Incorporating his background in urban contemporary art, Cornish traverses the expansiveness of the street environment, adapting his practice to more artistically controlled materials such as canvas, aluminium, board and glass, effortlessly. Cornish’s practice is meticulous. Each of his artworks are constructed from up to 1,000 sheets of acetate stencils and up to 243 different colours of layered aerosol paint, until they take on a photographic realism. Just like our footprint is merely momentary in the sands of time, Cornish’s work is founded in a style which had its fundamentals in ephemerality. Stencil art was one of the earliest forms of social and political activism and Cornish’s practice doesn’t stray far from this intention.


2017- Salon de Refusés, SH Ervine Gallery, Sydney (Holding Redlich Peoples Choice Award)
2016- Australian War Memorial, Canberra (acquisition)
2016- Calleen art award, Cowra regional gallery, Finalist
2015- Brisbane Art Prize, Finalist
2015- Deakin small sculpture pize, Finalist
2015- Moreton Bay Regional Art award, Finalist
2015- Calleen art award, Cowra regional gallery, Finalist
2015- Gold Coast Art Gallery, QLD (acquisition)
2014- Black Swan Prize, Finalist
2014- Bond University Collection, QLD
2014- Corrigan Collection
2013- Churchill Fellowship, Awardee
2013- National Portrait Gallery, Canberra (acquisition)
2013- Sulman prize, Finalist
2012- Moran Portrait prize, semi-finalist
2012- Archibald prize, Finalist
2012- Tropfest, shortlisted
2011- Metro Art Prize, Finalist
2010- Australian Stencil Art Prize, Winner
2009- Ballarat Gallery of Modern Art (acquisition)
2009- Australian Stencil art prize, Runner up
2008- Melbourne Stencil Festival, Peoples choice


2018- The Sea- Lock up Gallery, Newcastle
2018- (in)appropriate- Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2018- No place like home, Tuggeranong art centre, Canberra
2017- Zero to the left, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2017- Road to Damascus, nandahobbs Contemporary, Sydney
2016- Vanishing Point, nandahobbs Contemporary, Sydney
2016- Concrete Jungle, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2014- Louder than words, Stolen Space, London
2014- Clusterfuck, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2014- Sex & Death, w/ Will Coles, Art Equity, Sydney
2013- Before Afghanistan, Art Equity, Sydney
2012- Not with it..., Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2011- Look what you made me do...., Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne
2011- This is why we can't have nice things..., Oh really Gallery, Newtown, Sydney
2010- How you like me now Bitch?, Front Gallery, Canberra

2017- For Syrias Children, fundraising exhibition
2017- Sign of the times, Gold Coast Art Gallery, QLD
2016- Stencil, Next Gallery, Paris
2015- Stencil Master, Urban art festival, Amsterdam
2015- Fine lines, Sydney story factory fundraiser, Sydney
2015- Brave new world, nanda/hobbs, Sydney
2015- Bricks to canvas, Aarwun gallery, Canberra
2015- YourKidCan'tDoThis, Ambush Gallery, Sydney (curator)
2015- Contents Under Pressure - Stencil Art in Australia 2003-2010, Burrinja Gallery,

2015- Public, Perth
2015- First Landing to Last Post, Parliament house, Canberra
2015- Wonderwalls, Port Adelaide
2015- Project 504, Sydney
2014- Public Street art festival, Perth
2014- RightNow, Liechardt, Sydney
2014- ADIDAS Stan Smith show, Melbourne
2013- Sulman prize, Art Gallery of NSW
2012- A cut above 2, Espionage Gallery, Adelaide
2012- Archibald prize, Art Gallery of NSW
2012- E.L.K x ADNATE "killing it", Molecule gallery, Melbourne
2012- Project 5, Sydney
2012- Melbournes burning, Paradise hills, Melbourne
2012- Young guns, Linton and kay, Perth
2012- Climate change, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2011- Surface Tension, Ambush Gallery, Sydney
2011- All stars show, Espionage gallery, Adelaide
2011- Things to come, Metro Gallery, Melbourne
2011- Facelook portrait show, Dark horse experiment, Melbourne
2011- The new feild, Dark horse experiment, Melbourne
2011- Metro art award, exhibition of finalists, Melbourne
2011- A cut above, Espionage gallery, Adelaide
2011- Sidewayz Art Exhibition, Sydney
2011- up close (colour by numbers), sydney
2011- Expo for Mattia, Naples, Italy
2011- up the bend, Rancho Notorious, Melbourne
2011- Paste up exhibition (ragad art kalliatsis), Hungary
2010- Space Invadas, National Gallery of Australia (merchandise in Giftshop)
2010- Don't push mong, China heights, Surry hills, Sydney
2010- Australian Stencil art Prize, Oh Really gallery, Newtown, Sydney
2010- Don't push mong, Canberra
2010- Pop rocks, Urban Uprising gallery, Sydney
2010- Sweet streets, 1000 pound bend, melbourne
2010- Friends with knives, crewest gallery, Los Angeles
2010- Urban art 10A, BSG, Melbourne
2009- Old Skoolin, Art whino, Washington/Los Angeles
2009- Get Trucked, per square metre, Melbourne
2009- Melbourne Stencil Festival, Melbourne
2009- YourKidCantDoThis, Sydney Show, North Bondi
2009- Urban Art Agenda #3, Ballarat, Melbourne and Brisbane Powerhouse
2009- September, Dirty Pilot Group show, LA, USA
2009- Spin that thing, vinyl show, Famous when dead Gallery, Melbourne
2009- In2change Exhibition, Belconnen Community Centre
2009- YourKidCantDoThis, Melbourne Show
2009- YourKidCantDoThis' Canberra Show, Legislative assembly
2009- "Stencil" Art Whino Group show, National Harbour, MD, USA
2009- Australian Stencil Art prize, Exhibition of finalists (runner up)
2008- Spray 1387, Tehran, Iran
2008- Melbourne Stencil Festival
2008- Cacophony Group show, Manuka
2007- Cacophony Group show, The Front Gallery
2007- M16 Group show, M16, Canberra

2017- Art Almanac, July 2017
2017- Art edit Magazine, Issue 13
2016- VNA magazine, Issue 33
2015- StreetArt Basel and region, Die hot-spots I'm Dreiländereck (Kai Hendrik Schlusche)
2015- Surface (Søren Solkær)
2014- Planet Banksy (KET)
2013- Street Art Melbourne (Lou Chamberlain)
2012- Stencil Repubic (Olly Walker, Laurence King publishing)
2010- Art monthly Australia (cover)
2008- Art monthly Australia

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